The Nest provides children’s education, handicraft and literacy projects for women who have previously lacked opportunities, sports (football & Taekwondo) and heath & hygiene information sessions for refugee communities.

Children’s Education:


The Nest provides education to a large number of children from the ages of 6-15 years, who are from diverse backgrounds and different countries such as Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. We teach four major subjects in modern methodologies, which are Mathematics, General Science, Visual Arts, and English, History, Physics, and computer.




















Adult’s Literacy Education:

In addition to children’s education, there is a high demand for a large number of adults who do not have access to education. These adults come from different backgrounds and many have been oppressed in their home country and were prevented from accessing education in the past. The Nest conducts literacy classes for the adults in our afternoon shift as an attempt to overcome some of the stress faced by adults who are waiting for resettlement to a third country. This opportunity is vital for adult’s empowerment for their futures.


The Nest provides space for football and Taekwondo and continues its activities among the community

  • A large number of women, children, and adults enjoy playing football. Two volunteer coaches who belong to the refugee community supervise these athletes. The benefits of team sports are numerous including physical exercise, increased emotional well being and a healthy spirit of community togetherness.

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